Ripple is interested in new use cases for XRP


After suffering a dramatic loss of 27.63% in the first week of November, XRP was able to recover 16%, to rebound from its support level of $0.32 in the second and third weeks of the month. XRP is currently trading around the $0.37 area and testing the support area between $0.3736 and $0.3820. The imminent decision of the American justice in the lawsuit opposing Ripple to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the multiple new use cases explored by the project will allow XRP to advance against the bearish market trend, or will it fall back to its recent lows?

Ripple Price Prediction and Technical Analysis

Exponential Moving Averages (EMA)

The price of the token is trading below the EMA 20, EMA 50 and EMA 100 levels, suggesting a bearish trend in both the short and long term.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The Relative Strength Index has moved in a range between RSI 44.49 and RSI 51.90 over the past few weeks and currently stands at RSI 46.08. XRP needs to break out of this range and decisively move above the RSI 50 for a possible upward move.

Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD)

Although in a bullish crossover position currently, the separation between the moving averages has slowly diminished over the past two weeks, as seen on the histogram. The moving average has also started to move sideways, indicating a neutral stance. If it starts pointing down, a bearish cross could come into play.

Fundamental analysis of Ripple (XRP)

Will Ripple win against the SEC?

The crypto analyst and influencer Miles Deutscher told his 250,000 Twitter followers last Friday that although he is not a fan of XRP, a victory for Ripple against the SEC could benefit the entire industry.

“If they lose, we can expect massive ramifications,” he noted. “Those who hope Ripple will lose are against crypto.”

The SEC victory would mean that Ripple has engaged in a sale of unregistered securities (XRP tokens) to investors and will likely negatively impact crypto innovation, not just in the US, but around the world. Ripple’s victory will certainly lead to a rapid increase in the price of XRP.

Ripple in the NFT and carbon credit markets

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartzsaid in a Nov. 29 interview that while he’s still more interested in payments, he’s also keeping an eye on carbon credits and gaming NFTs as a use case for Ripple.

“There are real problems in gaming that NFTs can solve,” he said, noting that gamers tend to stick with older technology and titles where they’ve had their hits for a long time. , and they may be reluctant to try anything new. “You have to start from scratch, and there’s this sense of loss. If you could take NFTs with you, then you wouldn’t have that sense of loss, and you’d be more likely to migrate to another game”

Schwartz also noted that blockchain can solve many problems in carbon markets.

“We’re really excited about carbon credits,” he said. “Just because the fit between carbon credits and blockchain seems to be really good. Blockchain can solve issues around provenance and emissions assurance.”

Other altcoins to invest in

The possibilities offered by NFTs and blockchain technology to transform carbon credit markets is not an idea specific to Ripple: another sustainable crypto project 100% focused on trading carbon credits and mitigating climate change. is currently making a lot of noise in the crypto space. (IMPT) has developed a state-of-the-art platform that offers users rewards in the form of NFT-based carbon credits. These credits can be sold or used to withdraw/burn for unique rewards, with top brands like Microsoft, netflix, Amazon, Macy’s and Samsung already affiliated with the project.

So far, IMPT has raised over $18.7 million in two months and is about to complete its pre-sale. In these last days of the presale, IMPT is earning over a million dollars a day and it looks like he will be earning a lot more before the sale ends in a few hours.

The project allows users to support hundreds of environmental initiatives around the world while purchasing everyday items. A set portion of every sale made on the platform is donated to these projects, making it easy for buyers to support climate change initiatives.

The IMPT token will be listed on exchanges at $0.0253, which is a 10% increase from the pre-sale price. So far, LBank and Changelly have confirmed their listing, and seven other listings are in progress.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Another cryptocurrency that is getting a lot of attention right now in the crypto community is Dash 2 Trade, an analytics and trading platform that is revolutionizing trading and investing methods.

Amid the recent scandal FTX, there is a lot of interest in Dash 2 Trade tools that can help protect people from crypto scams. As a result, the team announced an early launch for its platform and a shorter token pre-sale. Previously, 665 million D2T tokens were to be sold in 9 presale stages, but this number has been reduced to only 262.5 million tokens in 4 stages.

The platform will notably provide buy and sell signals, social sentiment analysis to identify tokens that are being discussed online, on-chain analysis of trending coins, and backtesting tools to test new strategies. Scorecards will also be available for pre-sale cryptocurrencies so investors can decide which ones are worth considering.

The use of D2T tokens will be required for most Dash 2 Trade functionality, which should lead to high demand for the token. So far, $9.43 million has been collected from presales and 71% of the tokens have been sold.

RobotEra (TARO)

Another interesting project using NFTs for games is RobotEra: players use NFT-based robot companions to explore and rebuild the destroyed planet of Taro. Players can build their own robots, work in the field and create other resources without any coding knowledge. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities to earn money through quests, community events, renting billboards or spaces, and hosting events.

The project plans to integrate VR and AR into the game by 2023, which would make player-created worlds even more interesting. The game provides players with many ways to contribute to the in-game economy even in tough market conditions and sets them up for future success in the next bull market.

To date, RobotEra has garnered over $481,000 in sales since its pre-sale launch.


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